The Perils
of Perception

Ipsos has been running its global Perils of Perception studies since 2012, exploring the gap between people’s perceptions and reality. This site includes the full results from all the work we’ve undertaken in this area, across more than 40 countries and 200,000 interviews.
This unique analysis of misperceptions examines why people around the world are so wrong about things like causes of death, climate change, the sex lives of young people, immigrant numbers, overcrowding in prisons and much more…

Our perceptions are not reality: things are rarely as they seem

Ipsos’ latest Perils of Perception survey looks at how accurate people are at guessing causes of death in 32 countries around the world.
Perils of Perception 2017 Slides

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This is the latest slide deck from Perils of Perception 2020. This includes findings from 32 countries and an updated Misperceptions Index.

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Perils of Perception 2017 Quiz

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What do you think are the biggest causes of death in your country? What percentage of deaths are a result of violence, cancer, suicide or road accidents? Test yourself against the rest of the world in our updated quiz.

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Perils of Perception 2017 Archive

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We’ve been conducting work on public misperceptions for several years now. From military facts to personal finances we have a wealth of fascinating data which you can explore here.

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